Bat performance

The Bullpen Training USSSA Bat Rankings

The Bullpen Training Bat Rankings are based what we feel are the 4 most important factors when purchasing a new bat. (1) Exit Velocity (2) Barrel Size (3) Swing Feel (4) Bat Price. Jaxson & Friends swing each of the bats provided by HeadBanger Sports using the HitTrax System to measure Exit Velocity and Distance. We also use the Blast Motion sensor to help determine bat speed with each bat helping in the swing feel category. These ranking could change from time to time on composite bats that may get hotter when broken in even more.

Seach our ranking chart below to find the perfect USSSA bat for you. You can also sort each category by Brand, Score, Exit Velo, Barrel, Feel, Price, etc.

See the Full Brackets of the USSSA Exit Velocity Battle of the Bats HERE

Bat tournament

USSSA -5 Battle of the Bats

In this single elimination tournament, each bat gets 10 swings. The bat with the highest exit velo advances to the next round.