TBT Pick'em - Baseball Pick Up Tool

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The TBT Pick 'em Tool is the ultimate baseball back saver! 

What makes the TBT Pick 'em Tool different? All baseball pick up tubes on the market that we have used will scratch and scuff the baseballs with plastic or metal pieces in the tube. We use high quality durable rubber that will not scuff or ruin the balls and can also withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

With this purchase you will be receiving the TBT Pick 'em Tool attachment only. You can then attach the Pick 'em to the end of a 3" S/D (Sewer Drain) PVP pipe you can purchase from a local hardware store. (Lowes, Home Depot)

This is the exact style PVC Pipe you want that is thinner and lighter to fit the Pick 'em perfectly. See it here:  3'x10' S/D PVC Pipe *If you use a normal thicker PVC Pipe it will be to wide for the Pick 'em Tool, causing it to stretch and eventually tear and fail. Please make sure you purchase the correct thinner 3" Sewer/Drain PVP Pipe linked above. 

If you purchase 2 TBT Pick 'em Tools ($21,98) and this 10' PVC ($23.94) cut in half, you will have Two 5 foot Pick "em Tools for under $46.00! All comparable ball pick up tools range from $49.99-$75.99 per unit plus expensive shipping for a 5-6 foot tube.