Lid Crib - 3-Hat

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For the latest innovation in hat storage/display technology, look no further than Sarasota/Bradenton-based startup, Lid Crib. Lid Crib is the brain-child stemming from childhood friends and former professional and college baseball players.

Lid Crib uses patented technology to organize and display your hats. However, the magic lies within how the hats are stored. Using the patented “cup” technology, Lid Crib will preserve the shape of your bill, whether you prefer your bill curved or flat. No longer will baseball cap owners need to scramble for rubber bands, tediously wrapping them around the bill, or stuffing hats into cups for a desired shape. Using Lid Crib’s sleek design, simply hang your hat in the Lid Crib display rack - that's it! The same goes for preserving your flat bills, too.